freedom for glory

it's all about me, her, and all my proudly family . These is the place for me to pour and save all of my moments and memories with them .

Happy sunday morning!
Akhirnya kuku bersih juga
Tidur nggak , mandi nggak , yang penting uts.
Mata kuliah terakhir , 22.00-06.00


Confused and I just don’t know what to do , what to say , why am I facing these obstacle. Actually it only a small thing them why it grew so fast . I don’t what I feel , regret it or not? So weird , just ignore these text .

Happy birthday brother! Sorry for such being a cruel brother , be tough and better than before!
Males itu ……
Efek Gabut luar biasa, sesekali #selfie biar kayak orang orang :)
Happy 2014 all !!! – View on Path.

Ke laut aja bener deh jadi orang sih posesif banget ujung ujungnya mewek , kalo gak posesif kan gak bakal mewek , selesai sudah .

with Muhammad Rizky  and Rangga  at Mall Alam Sutra – View on Path.

You two are really different , but you two are important things in my life , after one down , usually I still have the other side , but now you two are too far from me to reach , then what should I do?